Statement of Philosophy

So-called mentally ill people have been subject to too many forced treatments: Forced into psychiatric hospitals, forced out of hospitals, forced out of their families, forced into their families, forced out of their communities, forced into their communities, forced into psychiatric medication, forced out of medication, forced into certain lifestyles, forced out of other lifestyles even forced into recovery and so on. Parallel to that the tendency has been not to hold them accountable for their acts. The approach that we call Accompanied Selfrehabilitation tries to change both trends. We propose that so-called mentally ill people should be Forced the least possible and that they should be held accountable for their acts as much as possible. Many things can be said to support this approach, but it is enough if we remember that forcing oneself or being forced by others to feel and act in certain ways, is frequently in the first place one of the most important causes of so-called mental illness or what we prefer to call mental injury and destruction.


Alberto Fergusson described accompanied Self Rehabilitation for the first time. It is an approach through which people with different kinds of disabilities can regain control of their own process of rehabilitation. The basic idea is to become an expert on their disability and thereafter redesign their everyday life according to that knowledge. The professionalís task is to accompany the person while he is in that process, explaining all science knows and especially what it ignores about his/her disability.